Persons with a disability

Antwerp ZOO makes every effort to ensure that all visitors can enjoy a marvellous day at the ZOO.

Free wheelchairs

Antwerp ZOO has several modern wheelchairs at its disposal for you. If you would like to use one of these, we recommend booking one in advance.

Book your wheelchair online


We offer people with a disability a discount on their admission tickets. These tickets are available exclusively at the ticket office on the day of your visit. As we are unable to ensure that the relevant conditions are met for disabled persons (and the persons accompanying them) and students, these tickets cannot be purchased online. For this reason, we grant a discount on the regular price of tickets obtainable at the ticket office.

As our employees are not authorised to assess whether or not a visitor qualifies as a person with a disability, we ask that you present a European Disability Card in your name when paying for your ticket.

Persons with an acknowledged disability can apply for this card at the certifying organisation.

In Belgium, these are the following organisations:

The person accompanying visitors with a disability is also entitled to a discount on admission.

Special tours

Antwerp ZOO is always happy to cater to groups and can offer you a tour of the ZOO adapted specifically to your group’s mobility level. Please inquire into the possibilities at the ticket office.


There are various restrooms at the ZOO, all of which are wheelchair accessible. Please note that the toilets are not equipped with a hoisting mechanism.


Our restaurants are also wheelchair accessible, for both individual visitors and groups.