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Dear visitor,

Welcome to our park! Our staff will ensure that you have a pleasant day and enjoy our animals and park to the full.

In everything the non-profit organization KMDA does, it wants to show respect for man, environment and society.

In order to guarantee your safety and that of our animals and to ensure that all visitors to the ZOO enjoy a pleasant outing, certain rules apply that have been set out below.


The Antwerp ZOO consists of a paying and a non-paying part.

The non-paying part of the ZOO is the entrance plaza, named the “Flamingo Square”. When you pass the entrance gates that form the border with the Astridsquare, you enter the entrance plaza, where Chapter 1 of these Park Rules apply.

Chapter 2 of these Park Rules apply to the paying part of the ZOO. The Park Rules are on display at the cash desk.

CHAPTER 1: Non-paying part of the ZOO: the entrance plaza

The rules mentioned hereafter are applicable in the entrance plaza of the ZOO, as from the moment you enter the entrance plaza:

CHAPTER 2: Paying part of the ZOO

The rules mentioned hereinafter are applicable in the paying part of the ZOO:


Access to the paying part of the ZOO




Photos and films

Sale, propaganda, etc.


KMDA, non-profit organization