In addition to unlimited access to Antwerp ZOO and Planckendael ZOO, your ZOO membership offers a wide range of benefits*. We've compiled a list for you, because there are a lot of them!

Discover the prices of a membership

Advantages in Antwerp ZOO and Planckendael ZOO

Unlimited access

Unlimited access to Antwerp ZOO and Planckendael ZOO (during normal opening hours). We ensure that you can enjoy animal fun, interesting facts and beautiful gardens for a whole year.


Open an hour earlier exclusively for our members

With a membership pass to Antwerp ZOO, you will be allowed to enter our zoological gardens one hour earlier than the day-trippers. Members are already welcome from 9 am! Enjoy without disturbance the sounds of animals waking up…

10% discount in all restaurants

You taste, sip and enjoy for 10% cheaper* in all catering points of Antwerp ZOO and Planckendael ZOO. Early birds enjoy a fresh croissant and a cup of coffee, tea or chocolate milk - until 10am for only € 4,70.


10% discount in the shops

See something you like in our shops? As a member, you enjoy a 10% discount on all your purchases in our shops**. All income goes entirely to the operation of our zoos, our nature conservation or in short: to the animals!

Bring your grandchild for only €7,50

Buy a grandchild card for 10 visits, and your grandchild can accompany you for a tiny price. A perfect time to enjoy the new experiences together and to learn a lot about animals and their habitat.


Travel cheaper to Planckendael ZOO

With a 50% discount, you can take a ride on the ZOO Planckendael Express, which takes you from Mechelen Station to the park's entrance in 10 minutes. Buy a Blue-Bike subscription with bluebikevoorkmda2024 and get €6 off of your first subscription.

 NEW: Extra benefits, especially for families

Purchasing a new membership or renewing an existing membership, read the conditions below. ***

Free Speelvogel

The fun ZOO book of handicrafts and games for 6 to 12-year-olds.



Free entrance ticket for a friend

The voucher for this can be found in your Speelvogel.


4 free rides on the merry-go-round

In Planckendael ZOO, you receive 4 free spins on the carousel. The vouchers can be found in your Speelvogel.



Children travel on the Planckendael Express for free

On presentation of your valid season pass.


50% discount for grandparents or grandchildren

This voucher can also be found in your Speelvogel. Valid for a maximum of 2 day tickets.

Exclusive discounts in other parks

You also receive a lot of other advantages with your membersip. Thanks to these extra discounts**** your ZOO membership is worth its weight in gold... In addition to all the benefits that your ZOO membership offers you in our parks, you can also benefit from it elsewhere.