Smart to ZOO Antwerp? Come by train. More info.

A birthday coming up? 

Come celebrate in ZOO Antwerp. Our animals like to party as well! The birthday boy/girl receives a free entrance as a gift!

We will treat you and your friends to pancakes and a beverage. Did you know our elephants can eat as many as 20 pancakes in one bite? Curious to find out if you can have as many as well...

There are two kind of parties. 

Toddler Safari

Are you 5 or 6 years old and a rather curious type? Our guide will take you and your friends out exploring the true wild animals. You will go on safari and see the elephants, lions, monkeys and giraffes.
Your guide will bring a bag full of surprises.

Creepy creatures

When you are between 5 or 12 years old and a real daredevil? Then you should really come and visit our animals of the bight and other scary creatures. Your guide will show you a tarantula and you are allowed to touch a snake! Or do you prefer a tortoise?

We will take you and your friends around the ZOO. You will find out everything there is to know about the animals. And afterwards? Wash our hands & enjoy the pancakes! 


Reservations are best made 2 weeks in advance by sending a mail