In Antwerp ZOO, groups of 15 or more people are one step ahead. How about a hefty group discount on the admission rate?


For a group visit with less than 50 people, without a guided tour (guide), you do not need to make a reservation. You can go to the cash registers of our parks on the day of your visit.

It is best to book a group visit with a guided tour (guide) at least 3 weeks in advance. Payment is also made at the cash registers of our parks.

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Ticket rates

Children-3 years FREE
Children3 to 11 years € 22,50
Adolescents12 to 17 years € 26,50
Adults € 28,50
60+Not in a wheelchair € 26,50


Guide general tour*1 guide for max. 25 people. Admission tickets not included. € 100,00


No invoices will be issued for group visits under 50 people. Your till receipt is a valid proof of payment for your accounting. Our till receipts contain all mandatory information to be accepted by the tax authorities as a compliant invoice. An invoice for payment is therefore not necessary.

Group bookings from 50 people can be paid by invoice. Would you like to rent a room? Our events with room hire and event catering start from 100 people. In both cases you can contact our sales department via