Plopsaland, Plopsaqua, Plopsa Indoor, Plopsa COO (BE, NL + GE)

Special discount with ZOO membership

Plopsaland (De Panne), Plopsaqua (De Panne, Belgium), Plopsa Indoor (Hasselt), Plopsa COO (Coo), Plopsaqua (Hannuit-Landen), Plopsa Indoor (Coevorden, NL), Holiday Park (Germany). There are no reductions or special discounts for Plopsa Station (Antwerp) : 40% off a standard rate for any person over 1 meter tall, valid until 31/12/2023.

The special discount is available online and at the cash register for the Belgian parks, upon presentation of your membership card. Outside of Belgium, the discount is only available at the cash register, again upon presentation of your membership card.

  • Buy your tickets online:
    • Pick "buy your tickets here" and "I don't have tickets yet". Then choose "I have an annual pass of a partner park."

    • When purchasing a ticket, the discount code KMDA40 can be entered to receive the 40% discount (on tickets for people >= 1 meter tall). 

    • On the day of the visit, at the access control, a valid ZOO membership card must be shown.
    • Children under 3 years old but taller than 1 meter must also present a valid ZOO membership (this card can be obtained from our member service by sending us an email with name of your child and the date of birth).