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Welcome to the Flamingo Square

The opening of the brand new Flamingo Square follows the launch of the impressive Savanna. The ZOO entrance has moved behind the kiosk, so that the Welcome Square is accessible to all, and regains its function as a place for meeting, pleasure, and enjoyment.

Pokémon Go turned into Pokémon ZOO

Dear Pokemonhunters, we’d love to extend our biggest thanks to all of you. We saw 15,000 cheerful, happy, sociable and friendly visitors strolling through our park, hunting the beloved Pokemons. Together you donated 12.000 euro for our most endangered animals.

Spectacular reef aquarium opens in Antwerp ZOO

Antwerp ZOO’s reef aquarium is now open to the public. And how! Antwerp Mayor Bart De Wever in full diving gear dived into the giant reef aquarium. Antwerp ZOO director Dries Herpoelaert went one step further and jumped in after him, wearing his dress suit and a full-face diving mask.